The Beauty of the Storm


photo(51)I had been looking forward to that particular run for the better part of a week. Any day that I can get in a run is a good day. Any day I’m at the beach is a good day. Any day I can get in a run…on the beach…is a really, really good day.

I crunched through the sand with only my left earbud in so I could also listen to the water as I watched it wash up on the shore. About to hit the two-mile mark, I had just broken a sweat when the first raindrop hit my forehead. I decided then, that it was probably a good time to turn around.

Not more than 30 seconds later, the sky opened up. Not 30 seconds after that, I looked more like I had just finished a swim in the ocean instead of a run along its shore. The rain was refreshing, but the wind had picked up, making it both difficult to see and to keep going.

Something about any run in the rain, though, makes me feel slightly more bad-ass, so, iPhone safe in my plastic baggie, I continued back the way I came, taking it all in.

This: the stormy ocean, the cloudy sky, the rain coming down sideways, the loose sand, the water-logged sneakers, the empty beach. It wasn’t what I had in mind all week when I day-dreamed about that run. I saw the sun shining off the water, packed sand making it easy to run and a crisp breeze cooling me.

And then it hit me.

True, there is nothing quite like a warm, sunny, not a cloud in the sky, perfect day at the beach. And experiencing those please-never-let-this-day-end moments is soooo great. They make me want to be able to make time stand still. However, I realized that even with the storm swirling, it was still the same beautiful beach. It was still a perfect day, and there was so much to behold.

It just looked different.

Just like that particular beach, the same is true for my life. And yours. There will be sunny days and stormy ones, one almost guaranteeing the other, but it remains the same beautiful life. On the sunny days, we celebrate, maybe exhale and perhaps, smile. Through the storms, we find resolve and determination and strength.

But every day, we have a choice. In how we see the storms and how we endure them. In how we appreciate and soak up the sunshine. Each day may not be easy, but each day, each season and each storm, each ray of sunshine has something to offer. A lesson to learn. Something for which to be grateful. Something beautiful to behold.


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