A Few of My Favorite Things

For years, Christmas gifts from my mom would include an excessive amount of items purchased on the .77 cent rack at JCPenney’s. If there was a shirt available in three colors, I’d get all of them, each individually wrapped, all from the .77 cent rack.

I’d take my 35 .77 cent items and add them to my wardrobe. Then somewhere between feeling guilty and not being able to admit that I didn’t like them, I wore them. Before long, my closet was full of clothes…lots of them…that I didn’t really like (but man, they were a deal. Who can beat .77 cents? Not even Goodwill.)

Quality over quantity has been a life theme for me this past year. Whether it’s choosing one $48 item over 50 .77 cent items, friendships, food choices or workout routines, quality has trumped quantity every single time.

In light of that, here are a few of my favorite things this year:

1. My kiddo. I got dealt a pretty shitty hand when it comes to family, but when it comes to kiddos, I got one of God’s greatest creations. This little girl has taught me more about life, unconditional love and what’s really important in her four short years than I’ve learned in all 34 of mine.

photo 1 photo 4

2. My peeps. There aren’t too many requirements to be a good friend, but the good ones are worth fighting for. I’m so thankful for my community of peeps who have my back time and again, who speak truth, who love and forgive and extend grace and who make my heart so, so happy. This is the stuff that money can’t buy.

photo 3 photo 1

3. My lulus. I discovered lululemon this year. Once you go lulu, good luck going back.

4. My microdermabrasion paste. I finally found a skincare line that produces real results. I have lots of favorites, but my go-to product is my microderm paste. Just go ahead and try not touching your face after you’ve used it, I dare you!

5. TNT Total Body System. Two of the workouts on this dvd leave me sore for days. I love it even more that my childhood friend, Teri Ann, kicks my butt, in the comfort of my own home!

6. Trader Joe’s Mint Star Cookies. Oh my goodness. Move over, Thin Mints, there’s a new kid in town.

7. My new hometown. From the Bean to Navy Pier, endless festivals and meeting new friends, there haven’t been many free moments this year. I love everything about my new hometown from the city to the suburb.

photo 2 (2) photo 1 (2)

8. Great convos over coffee. Sometimes I have them on Saturday mornings with my friend, Mary. Sometimes I have them at a local coffee shop with new and old friends. There is something about a real conversation over a cup of coffee that makes my soul smile.

photo 5

9. Sparkle and laughter. Life is short. Add sparkle when possible. Add laughter always.photo 2 photo 3 (2)

10. The Beach. My thinking place. My reset button.

photo 1 (3)

I wish you a holiday season filled with happy memories that make your heart overflow, with lots of laughter, with time to be grateful and with quality moments surrounded with your favorite things.


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