A letter to my daughter…and all the daughters

IMG_4187My heart has been stirred lately for the daughters of this world.

It has taken me the majority of my life to understand my own worth. I so desperately don’t want that to be the story of my own daughter…or any daughter. So, in the process of raising my own little girl to know who she is and know what she’s worth, and because what is true for her is true for you and me and all the daughters, I offer this letter:

To my dearest daughter…and all the daughters,

Beautiful girl, you are such a prize. When I look at you, my heart hurts with love from a place that I never knew was in me until the day you were born. And just when I feel like I can’t possibly love you any more, your giggle, that glimmer in your eye, or your gentle hands squeezing my neck prove that, indeed, I can and do love you more each day.

Dearest daughter, I am so proud of you. I’ve been so proud of you since I met you. You didn’t even “do” anything…well, except make me realize that I can function on a lotttt less sleep (and a lot more coffee) than I once did. You just were.

This tiny little baby who just ate and slept and (pooed) and cooed with bright eyes and a bright future is now growing into a little girl. I love your spunky little personality and watching you soak up friendships and being with people as much as I do. I love watching you set your innocent mind to something and then beam with pride when you accomplish it.

As you continue to grow, you’ll realize that there are so many good, happy and joyous moments in life. I look forward to being a part of as many of those as possible with you. You’ll also learn that life has its share of difficult, tough and sad moments. Honey, I hope I’m there with you for as many of those, too. Soup when you’re sick. A shoulder to cry on when your heart is hurting. A hug when you’re scared.

Through both the ups and downs, I want you to know and remember one thing: You.are.worthy. When you mess up, you are worthy. When you do the thing you didn’t want to do, you are worthy. When you have ascended the climb and are celebrating your heart out, you are worthy. There isn’t anything that can add or subtract from your worth. Ever.

You’re enough because you are and you deserve respect because you are. You are not an object and you should not be treated as one. Sometimes you’ll need to stand up for yourself and what you believe. Remember, that there is a way to do that in love. Seek first to understand. Realize that there can be more than one “right” way to do something. When it comes to goals and dreams or boys and falling in love, set high standards. Don’t compromise. And keep your mind and heart open to the lessons life teaches you along the way – they are plenty, my dear.

You have something to offer this world that is your unique gift given to you by a most loving Father who created you with an intentional plan. And so, as you make your way through life, my prayer for you is that you would discover who you are: A daughter of the most-high, most-loving God, who is worthy to love and be loved, who is brave enough to live the life has been purposed for you to live.

I love you today and always.



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