A few months ago, I finished and returned a borrowed copy of Love Does by Bob Goff, making a mental note to buy a copy to have on my bookshelf because it was just that good. Fast-forward to today. I walked into my office this morning to find, lo and behold, a brand new copy of Love Does sitting on my desk with a cute little red bow.

I knew exactly who it was from. Audrey, a colleague and friend from work, was recently at an event hosted by Bob, called The Livingroom.

As I opened it, there was a beautiful note on the inside cover:

Kelli, THANK YOU for all that you are doing to impact so many young lives…” Love, Robyn from NYC

I don’t know any Robyn’s that live in NYC, so I turned the page…to find another note from Rory. And the next page had a note from Kaity. And the first chapter had a note from Audrey and Bob Goff, himself. Throughout the book, cover to cover, 60 people who I don’t know and who don’t know me wrote little notes of encouragement, hope, and love. Sentences from the book were underlined. Specific chapters had notes on them. I could hardly hold back the tears.

“Audrey, what in THE world? Thank you! I have no words. What is all of this about?” I asked her.

“You’ve offered me so many great opportunities and I just wanted to get you a little something that would brighten your day. So I took this book with me to California and I just told people about you and asked if they wanted to write you a little note and everyone got really into it!” she explained. “I’m glad you like it.”


Like it? That book and the incredible kindness from strangers will forever be etched in my heart, and those 60 people will never know what a difference they made in my life and how much their words mean.

Perhaps we make it all a little too complicated sometimes. Perhaps we underestimate how powerful a kind word or act of love can be. Perhaps we hold back and tell ourselves that it won’t matter. Perhaps we don’t do anything because we can’t do it perfectly.

But as I was so humbly reminded today by Audrey, Bob and 60 strangers turned friends, perhaps our words are needed. Perhaps our actions will make a difference. Perhaps life is all the more incredible if allow love to lead and do what it says.


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