Meet Kelli


Hi, I’m Kelli.

Thanks for stopping by, first of all.

A few random facts about me:

1. I’m proudly from North Dakota.

2. I have an amazing 7 year-old who teaches me more about life than I teach her.

3. I’m usually cold.

4. I love yoga, running, golf, paddle-boarding, a good hike, ice skating and the beach.

5. I’m a lover of dark chocolate, tea, and sparkling water. In that order.

6. I’ve found myself having to let go of the life I imagined to embrace the life is beautifully mine.

7. This is a great big world and I love exploring new parts of it.

8. I find myself a student of my life. In awe of God. In awe of people. In awe of the mystery and wonder of the world. I share stories from my life with the hope that it will give you the courage to do the same of yours.




One comment

  1. Hi Kelli! I’m looking forward to reading more… you’ll have so many new adventures to share. Thanks for inspiring me!

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